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Damon, a force in Philadelphia real estate for the past ten years, has witnessed first-hand the positive transformation of the city. After eighteen years in Philly’s restaurant industry Damon followed his passion for designing homes, real estate and creating positive experiences for others. Damon sustains beneficial and long-lasting working relationships with clients. Damon’s time in real estate has afforded him the opportunity to be a part of many different types of transactions with some areas of specialization.

Investors love Damon’s hands-on approach to helping them locate, analyze, and secure prime opportunities. He is truly seen as a partner in these endeavors by his clients. Another area of Damon’s expertise is estate sales. He works closely with lawyers and heirs to help guide both through the tedious and often complicated process.

Favorite Neighborhood?

West Philly


My son was born in West Philadelphia so it will always have a special place in my heart. West Philadelphia encompasses many different neighborhoods; each with their own unique feel and flavor. It’s a very diverse part of town that keeps evolving. Business wise, the combination of public and private development have West Philadelphia poised to become an even stronger area of Philadelphia while allowing it to maintain it’s unique feel. I’m personally involved with projects in the area and I believe in its potential for sustainable growth.

What inspires you about Philadelphia real estate?

The opportunities for positive development are seemingly endless in this city. No matter what neighborhood you’re in, change is occurring. Buildings that sat vacant for years are now being transformed into active spaces and dying neighborhoods have revitalized. Home values have been on a steady rise as a result. I expect this to continue for years to come.

What's been the proudest moment of your career?

I love the opportunity to help - buyers, sellers, and investors - reach their goals. It’s a good feeling to know I helped.

What do you like to do in Philadelphia when you're not working in real estate?

I really enjoy taking in the outdoors, especially along the different piers of the Delaware River. Going to galleries and museums when I get the opportunity is always a great time. My favorite activity to stay active and healthy is boxing, which I practice at a neighborhood Philadelphia Rec Center.


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