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Jon is a bright young professional with an even brighter future in real estate ahead of him. He’s a millennial, in all of the best ways: tech-savvy, forward thinking, and a problem solver. His charisma and welcoming demeanor make his clients very comfortable in working with him, knowing that he’s a professional working on their side. Jon understands that this is a people business and he’s truly a people person.

With a degree in Economics and Environmental Studies, Jon is an advocate of urban planning and living here in Philadelphia. His studies and travels from around the world have offered him the opportunity to bring back and implement the best of urban concepts in our own great city. Jon works closely with the Friends of the Rail Park in collecting, analyzing, and reporting much of their data information. He’d be excited to talk to you about our public spaces and the neighborhoods that feed off of them any time.

Look out for Jon on the street, at your neighborhood meetings, and online as he continues to bring insight and education to new and old Philadelphians alike on their ever growing city.

Favorite Neighborhood?

Old City


I’m very much into urban planning and I love Old City’s rich history and industrial past. It’s a great walkable neighborhood with a diverse bar and restaurant scene.

What Inspired you to get into real estate?

The mix of and transition from old Philadelphia to new Philadelphia makes it a really interesting time to be a part of the community. Real estate is at the heart of any community and certainly so here in Philly. We have a lot of young and innovative people tackling some really tough and longstanding issues that cities like us face all over the country.

What's been the proudest moment of your career?

Embarking on the journey in making real estate my career has been my best choice professionally. Real estate gives me the opportunity to marry some of my favorite interests; urban planning and educating people on the vibrancy of urban living.

What do you like to do in Philadelphia when you're not working in real estate?

I explore the unique differences of Philly neighborhoods as I’m traveling across the city, during and after work. We have so many public parks that offer very different experiences. The city and our neighborhood organizations are always putting something on.


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