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Client Testimonial

We were admittedly hesistant to work with a family member, but we are VERY HAPPY we ended up doing so. Jon was our selling agent. He made the process easy, calm, fun, and always answered his phone. His responsiveness is impeccable and he GETS IT DONE from start to finish. We had no clue about negotiating and he made it fair and a breeze. We highly recommend and NOT because he's family - because he blew us away with his attentiveness and cool persona. If you want to feel like you are his only client from start to finish and after, Jon is your man. - Carolyn L.


Jon’s experience in evaluating real estate from acquisition to final product makes for a strong connection with investors at all levels and helps home buyers to make savvy decisions. With over seven years in the real estate industry, Jon has tackled the investment process from many angles. He took his finance degree from American University and his passion for real estate development to work for a residential research company, a commercial real estate broker/developer, a green energy consulting firm, and an off-campus student housing builder/developer/landlord at Temple University.

Jon’s strong skills in financial feasibility, site selection, property management, and deal negotiation assure that his clients get the best deals based on reliable numbers and local knowledge. Jon understands investors’ needs, is able to approach opportunities from their perspective, and helps his clients succeed by first establishing a strategy that looks beyond the first deal--a unique approach that can turn "non-investor" buyers into investors when they're ready. With varying criteria required by his clients, Jon relies heavily on his ability to discern these differences and deliver on what defines success to each one. Jon speaks Spanish as well.

Favorite Neighborhood?



Germantown is a quaint area of Philadelphia that offers its own unique historical significance along with a variety of appealing architecture. I’m really intrigued by the opportunities with its vast housing supply as well.

What Inspired you to get into real estate?

My history with real estate began as a family affair watching my parents build, leverage, and maintain a real estate portfolio. In my immediate family we have an architect, a carpenter, and an interior designer. You could say that it’s in the blood. The influence from past generations showed me the inherent value of owning and leveraging property to achieve financial independence--and that that is a real possibility of which everyone can take advantage.

What's been the proudest moment of your career?

I have to say that the success of my first few years in real estate is what I’m proud of most. I felt verified that I had made the right move to sales from analysis when I achieved my annual sales goal by August of my first year and had doubled my first year’s sales during my second year as a Realtor.

What do you like to do in Philadelphia when you're not working in real estate?

I’m a huge fan of two things in particular; Philly’s outdoor oases and our gastronomical gems. Visiting Fairmount Park, hiking the Wissahickon Trail, and exploring our off beaten paths are some of my favorite ways to get away and relax without having to leave Philadelphia. The culinary revolution that has been happening across this city over the past few years provides a million and one options to take in different cuisines and cultures. I’ve even been brewing my own beer! The brewery scene in Philly is seemingly second to none.


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