Karon Massado

Executive Administrator & Agent

Aragona & Associates



Karon is also a licensed Realtor who applies her managerial experience from forty years of working in public education to running the backend of Aragona & Associates. Looking for a new adventure and career path, she joined the world of real estate in 2016. Karon saw this new opportunity as a way to continue assisting people in building their lives; much like education yet from a different perspective. Always here to help, Karon understands the importance of listening to people in order to truly know their needs and how to help. The pivotal role Karon facilitates keeps her in constant contact with the entire team on nearly everything within the company. From transactions to business concepts in transition, Karon has a pulse on what’s happening. We trust Karon with everything that we ask of her, you should as well. Beyond simply being a great person, Karon is also an experienced gardener and landscape/garden designer. Walking through Philadelphia’s many public parks is how Karon likes to take in the city.

Favorite Neighborhood?

Fox Chase; and then every other part of the city!


Fox Chase is a diverse neighborhood with larger lots of land and the Pennypack Park to enjoy.

What Inspired you to get into real estate?

I saw it as a practical way to continue my pursuit of helping people move forward with their lives. I enjoy the process of progress.

What's been the proudest moment of your career?

I had the opportunity to work as a dual agent on a transaction. I am proud that I was able to get both parties their best deal while staying true to my fiduciary responsibilities.

What do you like to do in Philadelphia when you're not working in real estate?

Philadelphia is a world renowned outdoor oasis. From our beautiful Cherry Blossoms to the many historical and significant parks, I truly enjoy taking it all in on a beautiful day.


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