Kenneth Jansen

Agent Administrator

Aragona & Associates



After years in NYC and Southern California, Kenny came back home looking to carve out something of his own here. Real estate was the natural choice in being a longstanding personal interest along with the uncapped potential of income. You get what you work for in this business and Kenny is as hard a worker as they come.

Using his decade of experience in managing restaurants, Kenny now facilitates our agents’ needs through each transaction and beyond. He not only does a phenomenal job, he also always does it with a smile and a positive, can do, attitude. Put simply, Kenny makes herding cats look easy and fun.

The time spent as our Agent Administrator will benefit Kenny greatly in his next chapter in real estate as an Agent himself. He is in the process of getting licensed now and uses every day as a learning experience to better serve his future clients. We look forward to him continuing to make our clients’ experiences pleasant if not down right fun.

Favorite Neighborhood?

Society Hill


It’s one of the most accessible neighborhoods with the El, I-95, and Columbus Boulevard. Nearly anyone can get here from anywhere with ease. Society Hill also just has a very strong sense of community. I think it’s because of the history that’s been retained here. It’s a really unique vibe built on pride.

What Inspired you to get into real estate?

I grew up in Ridley, just outside of Philly, and I always thought that this city had the potential for greatness. It’s really nice to see that it’s beginning to be realized. Philadelphia culture is amazing; a collection of so many features that I’ve seen in other great cities around the world. It’s no surprise that Philly is a top destination location.

What's been the proudest moment of your career?

Being able to assist my family and friends through major moments and transitions in their lives is definitely the most rewarding aspect to working in real estate so far. It’s a great feeling to be able to help out those you care about in such a big way.

What do you like to do in Philadelphia when you're not working in real estate?

I really enjoy getting outdoors. It’s nice to be able to just pop down to the beach for some surfing at any time. There’s plenty of great pop-up beer gardens on rotation in Philly during the Summer. It’s a good excuse to get out and get together with friends you might not always see. The live music scene here is top-notch and I love taking advantage of it. I see more great bands here for cheaper than I ever did out in L.A.


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